Why get involved

The Hunter Valley Golf Club 2011
will support Senses Foundation’s Rural and
Remote Services.

Senses Foundation provides education, training and resources in specialist communication to individuals with deafblindness or a vision impairment and additional disabilities, and their families, carers and service providers living throughout Western Australia.

29,100 Western Australians have a vision impairment and additional disabilities. Of these almost 12,000 live in country Western Australia, with 5,000 living in remote WA. Over 2,000 are both deaf and blind and are living in rural and remote Western Australia.

Deafblindness is a unique and isolating sensory disability resulting from the combination of both a hearing and vision loss which significantly affects communication, socialisation, mobility and daily living. Deafblindness is the most isolating disability of all.

Your participation on the Hunter Valley Golf Club will help Senses
Foundation support people who are deafblind in rural and remote Western Australia.

Your involvement WILL make a difference.

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